[Recipe] – Cuban Picadillo – Protein – Often


Wow, I was excited when I saw this recipe again. This was one of the first recipes that we created when I started living the paleo life. It was close enough to meals that we were eating with cooked … [Read more...]

[Nutrition] – Pumpkin Soup Recipe – Carbs – Often


Do you like books? I am a book addict. I NEED to own all sorts of books, even if I rarely get through half of it. The other great thing about books, is that right at launch time, the author of the … [Read more...]

[Nutrition] – Putting the Fun-ness in Bunless – Elvis Burger – Protein/Carb – Occasionally

Lettuce bun again? I grew up loving the heck out of the hamburger. I wasn't really top notch with a steak knife and fork, and after shooting a steak across the restaurant as a teen, hamburgers were … [Read more...]

[Nutrition] – Squash-ing Pumpkins


Most people are familiar with the Jack-o-Lantern aka pumpkin, but beyond that the amount of knowledge that the regular joe err Dale had about squash was pretty limited. I remember my mom trying to … [Read more...]

[Recipe] – Mayonnaise – Sparingly

Mayonnaise captured by kimberlykv on flickr.

I have failed to identify mayonnaise¬†as a carb or a fat, because it has a bit of both, and because you should use this sparingly enough that it shouldn't matter. I would recommend using a dollop with … [Read more...]