Blue Blockers Before Bed


Bedtime already? I don't know about you, but I find that night comes too fast and there always seems like there is one more thing that needs to be done before I can go to bed. ┬áMy interest in sleep … [Read more...]

Who chooses the food you put in your mouth?


The last time that I checked, nobody was feeding me. I don't have the desire, nor need for other people to put food in my mouth. By extension, while books and the internet may prove as resources for … [Read more...]

[Nutrition] – Recipe – Turkey Jerky – Protein – often


After the post regarding emergency snacks on Monday I realized that you may find my USA based paleo compliant beef jerky snacks of little use to you, either because of shipping distance, or you prefer … [Read more...]

[30 Days] – Day 5 – My Journal


Today I wanted to share a peek into my journal and what sorts of things I have been collecting for this 30 days of discovery. Over the past four years I've tried many different things; lifting … [Read more...]

[Success] – Clean Up for Christmas – Starring You Starting November 1


We can't stop Christmas from coming. I can't believe that I just used that word... Christmas. We all know that December can get a little gnarly, so what better time than November to get our ducks in a … [Read more...]

[Nutrition] – Putting the Fun-ness in Bunless – Elvis Burger – Protein/Carb – Occasionally

Lettuce bun again? I grew up loving the heck out of the hamburger. I wasn't really top notch with a steak knife and fork, and after shooting a steak across the restaurant as a teen, hamburgers were … [Read more...]

[Sleep] – How much pillow time are you getting?


Did I just see you yawn? Its only Monday, there is still so much of the week left, why am I so tired? Could it be that we have artificial light that tricks our brain into believing that it is still … [Read more...]

[Nutrition] – Did the Radiation in Japan Ruin the Fish?

Fish Fishy Fish Eye

The news agencies don't stop. There is always a crisis to be concerned with, leaving very little time to be concerned with the disasters that happened last week, or even last year. When I saw this … [Read more...]

[Mindset] – What do you let your children eat when they go out


If you think managing what falls into your own mouth is complicated, create another human being. Even just borrow one for an afternoon. :) They are rewarding and frustrating and force you to question … [Read more...]

[Nutrition] – The Down and Dirty on Grass Fed Meat

Pasture at Sunset - Otto Phokus

After making it through the initial hurdles of paleo and you can remember which nut is ok, and why you aren't eating beans anymore, there is another layer of Paleo that you will discover. It's things … [Read more...]