[30 Days] – Day 5 – My Journal


Today I wanted to share a peek into my journal and what sorts of things I have been collecting for this 30 days of discovery. Over the past four years I've tried many different things; lifting … [Read more...]

[Success] – Clean Up for Christmas – Starring You Starting November 1


We can't stop Christmas from coming. I can't believe that I just used that word... Christmas. We all know that December can get a little gnarly, so what better time than November to get our ducks in a … [Read more...]

[Mindset] – Tiny Habits – What if a small change could change your life?

Nightly Reminder by lungstruck on Flickr

  Two years ago I heard an interview with BJ Fogg that sparked me to follow him on twitter, (@bjfogg). A short while later, he posted regarding a course on habits, tiny habits to be more … [Read more...]