[Supplements] – Magnesium – Reduction of Anxiety and Increase of Normalcy


What does your mind do when you see that word? Do you see it as just a word? Then perhaps today’s article is not for you.

If seeing the word anxiety causes your mind to jump, make you look around to see if anyone else suspects, then maybe you better read on, I mean, you know, just in case a friend  asks, so you can have the answer for them.

Over at Paleo for Women there was a very insightful article I chanced upon where the blog’s owner, Stefani candidly shared her experience with anxiety and how she was actively looking for a something to help control it.

The more she investigated, she was led into the world of magnesium, and ultimately found a serenity that calmed her inner voices, and all while spending a little time in the tub with some Epsom salts. Regardless of anxiety or not, a nice hot bath can’t be a bad thing, so why not toss a couple of cups of epsom in the bubbles and let your cares drift away….I’ve got to go, my tub is almost ready!

When you are done with the bath experiment, drop me  a comment to let me know how relaxing it was for you.Magnesium for Anxiety

One week after the magnesium miracle: Ca/Mg balance, Epsom Salts, what happened to me, and how am I doing?| Paleo for Women

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