[Sleep] – How much pillow time are you getting?

Sleeping Cat

Did I just see you yawn? Its only Monday, there is still so much of the week left, why am I so tired? Could it be that we have artificial light that tricks our brain into believing that it is still daytime? What effect does the staying up late have on us? Over at the “For Dummies” site, they have put together the whats what on sleeping to give you the cavemans headstart.

Burning the midnight oil has all sorts of nasty side effects like illness and weight gain (as the article about getting abs indicated). There are also reduced brain power and our reactions to sugar and stress also can change. I doubt that they change for the better.

The best bet is getting a rhythm and sticking to it; get to bed at a reasonable time at night in a blacked out room and kick out of bed relatively early in the morning. this should help keep depression and general moodiness at bay. check out all the details at the link.

I have been asking over at facebook, but put it in the comments here as well, how many hours of sleep do you get at night?

Sleep: An Essential Ingredient for the Paleo Lifestyle – For Dummies

If you are looking for a program created to increase the quality of the sleep that you get you may want to check this course.

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