Blue Blockers Before Bed


Bedtime already? I don’t know about you, but I find that night comes too fast and there always seems like there is one more thing that needs to be done before I can go to bed.  My interest in sleep was piqued early in my paleo career after hearing Robb Wolf make reference to the book ”Lights Out” and their reasoning for the requirement for sleep, why we are not getting as much restful sleep and what the long term effects might be to us. Based on some recommendations, I had installed f.lux on my computer to make it simulate sundown and sunrise, but didn’t give the concept much more thought after that.

A few months ago the idea resurfaced. A few years had passed since I had installed F.lux on my computer, but the bits that I had read regarding the blue light were triggered when I saw Dave Asprey on CreativeLive and the benefits of using the orange glasses to block the blue light that is all around us and help melatonin production to start earlier in the evening.

I did a bit more reading and the following pair of safety glasses were recommended, (sexy I know ).  For the ~$10USD that the glasses were, I thought that there was not a lot of downside to trying them out. My hypothesis was that by wearing the glasses I would be sleepier and would then be more compelled to get my butt to bed sooner. I wanted to see if they were nice to have or if they were need to have in my arsenal. Within a week, Amazon sent my package and I was ready to start the experiment.

The first phase of the experiment was to endure the questions from my boys. “Daddy, why are you wearing those?”; “Daddy, does it make everything orange?”, “Daddy, can we try them on?” Also, it was very difficult to avert the attraction my wife had to these handsome makers!

In more seriousness, I just had to remember that after supper was over about 6 pm I would slip the glasses on and wear them for the duration of the evening. My boys were a good reminder service. I explained to them that I was trying to keep the blue light out of my eyes. After supper, my youngest would get very excited and run to the window. “Daddy, you better put on your cool rays! The blue light is coming.”  How can you say no to that?

The glasses are comfortable and easy to forget that you have them on. One of the downsides that I experienced was the incorrect representation of color. Choosing recipes for the website was tricky  because nothing really looked appealing. In some ways this could be a plus as evening snacking spurred from seeing images of food could be thwarted.

Wearing the blue blocking glasses did seem to work. I found that rather than getting a second wind in the evening, I was very tired shortly after the kids were in bed and lunches were packed for the next day. So success! Except for the nights that I would force myself to work through the fatigue, but that is hardly the glasses fault. As far as if it made my sleep better, I do not have any comparison. Generally I lay down and shortly after getting horizontal I am asleep. There are many nights that my sleep cycle graph plunges straight down as if I had put the phone into position and then left the room…


So for $10USD these were a great experience. They were worth while to help my body send the message that it was indeed tired. However they could use an upsell option for my mother to arrive and force me to turn off the lights and get to bed. 🙂 If you are looking to get in on the action, the glasses can be purchased on Amazon here.

If you are looking for additional tools for falling to sleep and getting a restful sleep, you may want to check out this course on paleo sleep.

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