How to Make Your Own Ghee – Crockpot Style

Ghee. Have you heard of it? Have you seen it in a glass jar on the grocery store shelf and think, hmmm, that looks a lot like butter, why is it out here with the canned goods?

Well Ghee is butter, well most of the parts of butter, except with one difference. Ghee has the casein removed from the butter. That casein is the protein in dairy that makes many people intolerant (read queasy), and others develop rashes, or like me, an eternally stuffy nose.

Well fear no butter lover, while your mileage may vary, there is a chance that removing the casein from this golden nectar may remove your reaction to dairy, allowing you to use ghee in anything that you may have used butter in previously. By making your own, you have the opportunity to control the source of the butter as well as make it for a bit cheaper than what you would pay in the grocery store.

Enter the Grass Fed girl to the rescue. With just a few steps you can be enjoying home squeezed fresh ghee in just a few hours, equipped with little more than a cheesecloth and a slow-cooker. Heat, strain into jars and enjoy. check out full details at the link.

How to Make Ghee In The Crock-Pot | Grass Fed Girl

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