[Recipe] – Cuban Picadillo – Protein – Often

Wow, I was excited when I saw this recipe again. This was one of the first recipes that we created when I started living the paleo life. It was close enough to meals that we were eating with cooked ground beef pre-paleo that it didn’t cause much of a stir when we added it to the recipe book. Unfortunately, adding it to the recipe book didn’t include a link to the original source , so I was left with no way to share it with you and give the original poster credit.

The Picadillo is a splendid mixture of flavours, sweet and savoury and it is easy to over-eat to the level of Thanksgiving full without realizing it. It is a one pot dish, so both creation and cleanup is easy, and after you get the hang of cooking it, it is easy to add or remove ingredients to suit both what tastes good and what you have in your fridge when you are in a hurry.

Swing on over and check it out. Your dinner plans for tonight have just been solved. 😉

Cuban Picadillo | Mark’s Daily Apple


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