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Is Grimace from McDonald’s the last time you got near a purple object of that shape? Well fear not, because inside that purple orb is a wonderful moist texture and the ability to take on just about any flavor that you provide it.

Generally I will do a double bake of the eggplant, once to get it mushy and then a second where I mix up with seasoning and then put it back into a dish and broil it to get a crispy top. Over at the Real Food Forager, the Grass Fed Girl stopped in for a guest post and has created a paleo version of Moussaka (admittedly a word I had heard, but had no idea what it was…). Now I am not sure if real Moussaka has eggplant in it or not, but this version does and it also has ground beef in it.

I was drawn to the pictures as it looks like lasagna, and for all my paleo strictness now, I used to love me some lasagna. …. Whoa, back from memory lane… sorry folks.

I do know that there is some eggplant in the fridge, and I am due to get some ground beef from the local butcher, so I can see a dish of this goodness happening soon in a kitchen near me. 🙂

So in the comments, if you have had conventional moussaka, please share what it “normally” has in it, and the most fond memory that you have eating it.

Check out the recipe here:

Paleo Moussaka from Grassfed Girl | Real Food Forager


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