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pvip_turkeyjerkyAfter the post regarding emergency snacks on Monday I realized that you may find my USA based paleo compliant beef jerky snacks of little use to you, either because of shipping distance, or you prefer to do things more manually. Well for you I have the answer. All it will require is for you to keep the oven door open for 10 hours!

Over at Mark’s Daily Apple, a guest poster shared how to turn turkey into a dried portable snack. It is super simple and looks very do-able. If nothing else it would give you something to chew on (ha!) while we are looking for a compliant marinade recipe for the next batch.

Essentially cutting free range turkey into thin strips, seasoning with salt and pepper and then skewering so it will hang in the oven, nets you some tasty results. I may have to convince the missus that we need to set the oven up for a batch. (The thing that makes me crazy is waking to a house smelling of awesome, and trying to not eat all of the hard work!)

In the comments today, tell me about your favourite jerky. Compliant or not, who made it, what meat was it, what flavour and why it was the best. For me, some of the best jerky I have ever had came from the wild game while I was growing up. My uncle had a smoke house and there was not shortage of moose, deer, and fish infused with that wonderful smokey flavour.

After you have left your comment, get on over and check out the recipe to get that turkey portable and tasty!

How to Make Turkey Jerky (That’s Super Easy and Tastes Like Thanksgiving) | Mark’s Daily Apple

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