[Nutrition] – Did the Radiation in Japan Ruin the Fish?

The news agencies don’t stop. There is always a crisis to be concerned with, leaving very little time to be concerned with the disasters that happened last week, or even last year. When I saw this post by Chris Kresser my lightbulb went off, oh yeah, the tsunami in Japan and the nuclear nightmare… how soon we forget when its not on our doorstep (well my doorstep at least on the left coast of Canada).

Not losing the chance to keep a story going, the media got a hold of a story that there was radiation found in a fish off the coast of California. If you are like me, you don’t know acceptable levels of radiation to nuclear levels so any report is enough to strike fear into my already lacking fish consumption.

Well I don’t want to spoil the ending of the article, which you can check out here: http://chriskresser.com/fukushima-seafood ;but it appears that in Chris’ opinion, we are clear to keep on packing in the sashimi. He makes some good tangible comparisons that put the amount of radiation into perspective so you don’t need to have a PhD to select a suitable supper.

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