[Nutrition] – Putting the Fun-ness in Bunless – Elvis Burger – Protein/Carb – Occasionally

Lettuce bun again? I grew up loving the heck out of the hamburger. I wasn’t really top notch with a steak knife and fork, and after shooting a steak across the restaurant as a teen, hamburgers were far more manageable option (true story). When our local-drive in offered different types of burgers, I was sure that I could eat burgers forever! Pizza burger, hawaiian burger, and I think there was even some sort of a dagwood creation.

Now, as a paleo eater, I enjoy the burger in a lettuce bun, (which I finally got the hang of folding to catch many of the drippings), and tomatoes, mustard, avacado, and if we have the foresight, bacon and sauted onions. But today, as I was checking the paleo newswire for worthy shares, I came across this burger magic and was transported back in time to burger experimentation.

Melissa at The Clothes Make the Girl has mad skills in the kitchen. And while I know I would have never thought to mix bacon, beef, banana and almond butter, if she didn’t like it enough to share the recipe, I am not sure that I would even venture to try it.

While you are over checking out this bizarre recipe, be sure and keep your eyes peeled as I have heard she has a new book out; Well Fed 2. I have not yet laid eyes on it, but if it is as rad as Well Fed – The Original I am sure it will rock.


WF2 Recipe: Elvis Burger | The Clothes Make the Girl

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