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Do you like books? I am a book addict. I NEED to own all sorts of books, even if I rarely get through half of it. The other great thing about books, is that right at launch time, the author of the book generally does as many media appearances as they can get their hands on, and this allows folks like you and I to get access to interviews, additional goodies and recipes from the books so we can know if we like them.

Well Robb Wolf posted a review of Paleo Happy Hour (by Paleo Girls Kitchen) the other day; a book that is geared for entertaining, so appies, a few meals and beverages. A book that really could come in handy when you need to take something to a party a) so you have something to eat, and b) everyone doesn’t look at and say “What in the world is that? Is it part of that diet thing you are on?”. As part of the review of the book, he is sharing one of the recipes. Pumpkin Soup. It – Looks – Delicious.

There are no real big challenges for the ingredient list, but you will need to have a couple of hours to put this together. The challenge that I see is creating the fancy swirl to make it look like the picture. I was over checking out Paleo Girls Kitchen and there is plenty more goodness there to be had. I will be headed back over for more soon, and will keep an eye peeled for the Paleo Happy Hour: Appetizers, Small Plates & Drinks in a store near me so I can bring it home to meet the others.

Now all we have to do is get Halloween out of the way so I can get that Jack-O-Lantern in the oven!

Paleo Happy Hour (And A Bonus Pumpkin Soup Recipe)! | Robb Wolf

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