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Adj. Being simultaneously hungry and angry. Often the latter because of the former. Having one’s hunger extended, unnecessarily so as to create anger. (via Urban Dictionary)

You know the feeling; I’m hungry right now and if I don’t eat right now the world will not appreciate what happens next. Most times this is a major inconvenience but when you’re on a strict Paleo mission is to be the difference between success and a restart.

I want to talk to you about things we can do to help prevent that hangry feeling and if you got about five minutes I’ll be able to walk you through it.

There are a few things to consider to avoid getting the hangry.

1. Pre-planning your food. By creating a meal plan and doing batch cooking when you have time so you’ll know they’re always be compliant food that you can eat around your house.

2. Thinking through your day. if we think through our day we can avoid being without food at critical times. I know we don’t always go over to be doing where we’re going to be too the course of the day but generally have a good idea and we can avoid being in places where we know bad choices occur.

3. Always carry an emergency kit. There are a few different things that make great Paleo emergency packs while these snacks are necessarily recommended for daily consumption they are better than the junk that surrounds us we get that hang great feeling.

Nuts. Nuts seem like the perfect food; they are tiny enough that you can you can portion them up. They can keep at ambient temperature, meaning you don’t have to refrigerate them, and they taste great. There are many different kinds of nuts, and while there are some that are better for you than others, in a hangry state just having any of them nearby can do the trick. It’s important to check if they have been roasted with canola Oil or other noncompliant oils. Because I was unable to find a lot of good nuts that are roasted without the use of canola oil I switched the raw ones and while it took a little bit of adjustment now I think they taste just as good.

Creamed coconut. While eating coconut oil is good for you, not everyone is up for the task of taking a scoop out of the jar and handling it’s rich and creamy texture. A good alternative is a cream coconut product. Essentially they just mush up all the coconut and the fat and everything into a little bag and it makes for a great snack. The ones that I get Are made by Grace foods and it comes in a plastic pack. What I do is warm it up and mix it up so that the oil is mixed up with the coconut meat and then I pour them into ice cube trays so that it’s in convenient serving sizes. These can be stored at ambient as long as it doesn’t get warmer than 24°C (75°F). It is ok if they get a little bit mushy as they taste great and they also make a great snack for the kids as they love them too.

Beef Jerky. Now nuts and coconut give you some essential fats but also what you’re going to need it some protein to help stave off that hangry feeling until you can get to your next meal. One of the best and one of the easiest for that is beef jerky. Now there’s a lot of types of beef jerky that have things that are not compliant with Paleo so you need to do some work before hand to make sure you find a compliant meat. Look for jerky that doesn’t have sugar or soy sauce for best results, although outside of a 30 day clean paleo, i’d rather the soy to some grain filled sugar treat. A couple of online ordering options here are primal pacs and steve’s paleo goods.

So there you have it, there’s three quick tips to help you get through those emergency times when you’re so hungry that you need to eat something to help you avoid bad choices. I really hope this helps, if you have any other additional questions be sure and put them below. If you have any other snack suggestions I’d love to know them as I think we all need help in this area as we all get caught around food the rest of the world would like us to eat…

So get out there and put it into practice. I am eager to hear all about your success.


  1. Great blog post man.

    Never knew about the paleokits and that is perfect for me!

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