[Success] – Clean Up for Christmas – Starring You Starting November 1

pvip_santaWe can’t stop Christmas from coming. I can’t believe that I just used that word… Christmas. We all know that December can get a little gnarly, so what better time than November to get our ducks in a row, and learn to make some better decisions before the pressures of the holidays are upon us.

For the month of November, I invite you to join me in staying clean paleo for 30 days. This will be a great chance to see what happens when we eat only the basics for enough time for our bodies to respond.

For the rules on this 30 day adventure, please refer to the Whole 30 Guidelines (I have also updated with a link to the shopping list that they have created). This early warning gives you a couple of days to get the baddies out of the fridge, and start shopping for the healthier you.

It would also be helpful for you to have a journal so we can make notes on the process. As it was discussed in an article last week, sometimes announcing or writing down our intentions can have a great impact on our willpower.

Well, here is the kick in the butt that you were looking for. I would like for us to support each other, and I will help with my past experiences and tips to make this happen. What do you say; are you in?

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