Who chooses the food you put in your mouth?

pvip_alternativeThe last time that I checked, nobody was feeding me. I don’t have the desire, nor need for other people to put food in my mouth. By extension, while books and the internet may prove as resources for what we should put in my mouth, ultimately we are the ruler of our elbows and thus reign supreme over what makes it into our bodies as fuel.

Well at least that is how I regard it. But there was an interesting article that was published to the Whole 9 site recently that caught my eye. Dallas and Melissa have long been believers, as have I, that eating things that resemble foods from your previous “neolithic diet” is not the way to go about a paleo (or whole30) style diet. So when they reneged a product that they had previously endorsed, their comments section took off like a rocket.

People were incensed for all sorts of reasons. There were some that wondered why they would not leave the product, as it was completely comprised of coconut and should be considered compliant. Others took it as an opportunity to review other items on the list that they deemed to be far further out of compliance.

Granted there was praise on the decision as well. A good number of comments commended them on their diligence, including myself. I also included a message to others who were inflamed about the whole thing…

Dale Mueller ·

Dallas and Melissa – Good on you for sicking to your guidelines and reviewing them for compliance. I am in complete agreement that eating things that look like your old food can lead to eating your old food. 
To everyone else (minus one I suppose), Dallas and Melissa are not your parents. If you don’t like their ruling, eat the wraps and make the pancakes and above all, take responsibility for what you put in your mouth. Understand what you are eating and why. Nobody is coming to steal your birthday for doing it your way. The above announcement about the wraps, much like the rest of this site (and the internet for that matter) is a guideline. A path that has worked for others and may work for you. If it doesn’t work for you, make a new path. If you are so inclined, share why the alternate path works for you and maybe that will help others too.”

What are your thoughts? Should everyone be upset, or should they be grateful for the starting point, state what works for them and why, for others to consider and build on?



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