[Mindset] – What do you let your children eat when they go out

If you think managing what falls into your own mouth is complicated, create another human being. Even just borrow one for an afternoon. 🙂 They are rewarding and frustrating and force you to question everything that you do or consider to be correct. At the end of the day it is really the greatest thing that has happened in my life (twice).

If you are paleo, what should your children eat? Should they go full paleo, should they have grain envy at school because only their parents tell them that bread is not good for them, while the rest of the planet noshes out on sandwiches? Should there be moderation? What is the correct answer?

The good news is that there is no right answer!  Over at Whole 9 they discuss a few of  the alternatives and what that might look like. You can check that article out here: Kids eat grain – insanity inevitable (ok, so I took some liberty on the title).

I remember that growing up, we were never allowed to have the really sugary cereals. Count Chocula, and Fruit loops, you know the ones. Well I can guarantee you that the first thing that I put in my cupboard at college was a box of that sugary crap. I would show my mom! I keep this bit of sage experience with me as we plot the nutritional future for our kids.

The boys are about 75% compliant. They get a few almond butter and jam sandwiches, once in a while fishy crackers, and at birthday parties they get a tiny piece of cake. The magic, as i see it, is the discussions that we have before, during and after we eat food. we play protien / carb or fat as we eat. We ask them what fruits and veggies that they want to eat the next week before we go to the grocery store. We let them choose if they want cake or a piece of whatever comes out of that pinata at the birthday party. There are reminders that sugar makes them feel haywire.

While mine are eating things that I don’t, we are doing our best to help them relate their food to their moods and performance so that when they are moving in to college they will make choices based on intelligence and not spite. Here’s hoping.

I know that you have a different spin, and I want to hear it! Blast me in the comments  below. 🙂


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