[Nutrition] – Pumpkin Soup Recipe – Carbs – Often


Do you like books? I am a book addict. I NEED to own all sorts of books, even if I rarely get through half of it. The other great thing about books, is that right at launch time, the author of the … [Read more...]

[Nutrition] – Putting the Fun-ness in Bunless – Elvis Burger – Protein/Carb – Occasionally

Lettuce bun again? I grew up loving the heck out of the hamburger. I wasn't really top notch with a steak knife and fork, and after shooting a steak across the restaurant as a teen, hamburgers were … [Read more...]

[Nutrition] – Squash-ing Pumpkins


Most people are familiar with the Jack-o-Lantern aka pumpkin, but beyond that the amount of knowledge that the regular joe err Dale had about squash was pretty limited. I remember my mom trying to … [Read more...]

[Nutrition] – Trading Spare Tires for Six Packs


Since the day I read Body for Life in my early twenties, I have been searching for the ever elusive abs that seem to appear on every magazine model in the grocery store. All of these tight, toned and … [Read more...]

[Nutrition] – Did the Radiation in Japan Ruin the Fish?

Fish Fishy Fish Eye

The news agencies don't stop. There is always a crisis to be concerned with, leaving very little time to be concerned with the disasters that happened last week, or even last year. When I saw this … [Read more...]

[Nutrition] – The Down and Dirty on Grass Fed Meat

Pasture at Sunset - Otto Phokus

After making it through the initial hurdles of paleo and you can remember which nut is ok, and why you aren't eating beans anymore, there is another layer of Paleo that you will discover. It's things … [Read more...]

[Recipe] Guacamole – Fats – Often

Avacados for Guac

If you are like me you are getting a lot of your fat from the always green, but not always ready avocado. While I do love the convenience of the avocado, sometimes you need to spice things up to keep … [Read more...]

[Recipe] – Blueberry Banana Frittata – Protein – Occasionally

#267 Banana and blueberries by Mikael Miettinen

Last week I showed a recipe for scrambled eggs and banana. I was super excited to try this out for the kids, and I was confronted with upturned noses and a general disinterest, before I even cracked … [Read more...]

[Recipe] – Mayonnaise – Sparingly

Mayonnaise captured by kimberlykv on flickr.

I have failed to identify mayonnaise¬†as a carb or a fat, because it has a bit of both, and because you should use this sparingly enough that it shouldn't matter. I would recommend using a dollop with … [Read more...]

Making Food Fun for the Kids

It is important to make food fun. My kids are having and end of the summer party at their daycare and we like to get our names on the fruit or veggie platter list. My kids love the angry birds and … [Read more...]