Who chooses the food you put in your mouth?


The last time that I checked, nobody was feeding me. I don't have the desire, nor need for other people to put food in my mouth. By extension, while books and the internet may prove as resources for … [Read more...]

Happy Halloween


Hey, I hope that you are doing your best to avoid all of the treats that are around today. I wanted to introduce myself to you and give a bit of an overview on what our strict paleo month of November … [Read more...]

[Mindset] – Where’s Your Head At?


With only a few days to go before we start the 3o day strict paleo November, I thought that this article from lifehacker was timely. While you are reading the article I suggest that you disregard any … [Read more...]

[Mindset] – You Really Don’t Need Seconds, Do You?

Maybe I will just have a little more... These are all to common words to hear around large seasonal meals, or when your favourite meal gets cooked at home. Part of our brain knows that we are full and … [Read more...]

[Mindset] – What do you let your children eat when they go out


If you think managing what falls into your own mouth is complicated, create another human being. Even just borrow one for an afternoon. :) They are rewarding and frustrating and force you to question … [Read more...]

[Success] – 47Kg weight lost in 12 months

Over at Marks' Daily Apple, a reader wrote a touching story about a lifelong struggle with weight and acceptance by those around him. While the weight loss is amazing, The biggest take aways are in … [Read more...]

[Mindset] – Tiny Habits – What if a small change could change your life?

Nightly Reminder by lungstruck on Flickr

  Two years ago I heard an interview with BJ Fogg that sparked me to follow him on twitter, (@bjfogg). A short while later, he posted regarding a course on habits, tiny habits to be more … [Read more...]

Bone Broth – Why would I drink that?

We all associate dogs with chewing on bones, but did you ever stop to consider what they were after? While most people know about getting their minerals like calcium and magnesium from sources like … [Read more...]

The paleo journey – what paleo means to me

I had someone recently ask me about what paleo was, and after I finished responding, I realized it was a good share to you of what it means to me. While from the outset many people … [Read more...]

Get out of the middle of the road

We want to stay on the fence. It is safe there. We don't have to explain ourselves to our friends while we are still not sure ourselves what we have started with our paleo lifestyle. Remember, … [Read more...]