[Nutrition] – Emergency Foods

Hangry: Adj. Being simultaneously hungry and angry. Often the latter because of the former. Having one's hunger extended, unnecessarily so as to create anger. (via Urban Dictionary) You know the … [Read more...]

[30 Days] – Day 1 – The Journal – Setting Up For Success

Hi there, I hope that you have gotten off to a great start on your 30 days of strict paleo. Yesterday I spoke about finding a journal to write in during this month. Well today I wanted to talk about … [Read more...]

Happy Halloween


Hey, I hope that you are doing your best to avoid all of the treats that are around today. I wanted to introduce myself to you and give a bit of an overview on what our strict paleo month of November … [Read more...]

[Mindset] – Where’s Your Head At?


With only a few days to go before we start the 3o day strict paleo November, I thought that this article from lifehacker was timely. While you are reading the article I suggest that you disregard any … [Read more...]

[Supplements] – Magnesium – Daily


It would stand to reason that the more real foods that you eat, the less of the supplementation that is required. Well the cavemen lived in a time before soil depletion and processed water, and really … [Read more...]

[Success] – Clean Up for Christmas – Starring You Starting November 1


We can't stop Christmas from coming. I can't believe that I just used that word... Christmas. We all know that December can get a little gnarly, so what better time than November to get our ducks in a … [Read more...]

[Nutrition] – Pumpkin Soup Recipe – Carbs – Often


Do you like books? I am a book addict. I NEED to own all sorts of books, even if I rarely get through half of it. The other great thing about books, is that right at launch time, the author of the … [Read more...]

[Mindset] – You Really Don’t Need Seconds, Do You?

Maybe I will just have a little more... These are all to common words to hear around large seasonal meals, or when your favourite meal gets cooked at home. Part of our brain knows that we are full and … [Read more...]

[Nutrition] – Putting the Fun-ness in Bunless – Elvis Burger – Protein/Carb – Occasionally

Lettuce bun again? I grew up loving the heck out of the hamburger. I wasn't really top notch with a steak knife and fork, and after shooting a steak across the restaurant as a teen, hamburgers were … [Read more...]

[Nutrition] – Squash-ing Pumpkins


Most people are familiar with the Jack-o-Lantern aka pumpkin, but beyond that the amount of knowledge that the regular joe err Dale had about squash was pretty limited. I remember my mom trying to … [Read more...]