[30 Days] – Day 5 – My Journal

Today I wanted to share a peek into my journal and what sorts of things I have been collecting for this 30 days of discovery.

Over the past four years I’ve tried many different things; lifting routines in the gym, supplements  and tweaks to my paleo diet, however I have never been very good about keeping record of what I’ve done or things I felt before during and after it was over. At best there is a note file on my phone with a date, a brief description and a before and after weight. There was really no way for me to reflect on what was working and what wasn’t.

When most people think about paleo they just think about the food and, I understand that is the primary focus of today this months 30 days of cleaning. However I do believe that there are five main tenants to go along with the paleo lifestyle. Those are nutrition, supplements, sleep, movement and mindset. Over the past four years I have realize that these five things all come together to define what I believe is  the best structure that works for my life.

Through the posts on this site I’ve been trying to share a little bit from each of those categories to help wind the story together so that you can analyze what’s working in your life and how all the parts integrate together… but onto the journal.

So for my primary goal I want to be more mentally alert during the day I’m not as sharp as I know I can be, and sometimes when I get home from work I’m absolutely exhausted. Around 7:30pm, I get my second wind and by 10:30 – 11pm I am finally in bed. I know that this is probably due to the fact that I don’t get much more than six and half hours of sleep a night during the week.

The tangible result that will let me know that I was successful on these 30 days is to have an average of seven a half hours of sleep a night.

In order to help track whether the sleep the sleep is helping or not, in my food journal, every day and after each meal I’m tracking three things on the scale of 1 to 10 to measure how my body feels in the area of alertness, breathing and body. These are all three things that I notice start to deteriorate if I go to extremes sleep loss.

I’ve been trying to remember to pack my book everywhere for my meals in my alertness breathing and body scan but I’m not perfect. I haven’t yet been consistent about putting in the body scan results. It is easy to remember what I ate for lunch but it’s not that easy to remember when my nose is stuffed up or not. Important part to remember is this 30 days is an experiment not just to try new food but to learn more about ourselves, and work on creating self awareness.


Here is a snap out of the journal. Handwriting analysts, go easy.


If we start to write things down, it makes it easier for us to see trends and correlation between our actions. Did you get your goal written down? Now that you have seen mine, does that make it easier for you to go back and complete yours?

Let me know how you are doing in the comments below.




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