Blue Blockers Before Bed


Bedtime already? I don't know about you, but I find that night comes too fast and there always seems like there is one more thing that needs to be done before I can go to bed. ┬áMy interest in sleep … [Read more...]

Who chooses the food you put in your mouth?


The last time that I checked, nobody was feeding me. I don't have the desire, nor need for other people to put food in my mouth. By extension, while books and the internet may prove as resources for … [Read more...]

How to Make Your Own Ghee – Crockpot Style

Ghee. Have you heard of it? Have you seen it in a glass jar on the grocery store shelf and think, hmmm, that looks a lot like butter, why is it out here with the canned goods? Well Ghee is butter, … [Read more...]

[Recipe] – Paleo Moussaka – Protein/Carb – Often


Is Grimace from McDonald's the last time you got near a purple object of that shape? Well fear not, because inside that purple orb is a wonderful moist texture and the ability to take on just about … [Read more...]

[Recipe] – Kale-Bacon-Brussels Sprouts – Carb – Often

As much as I hate to admit, the last few kale bunches that I have brought home ended up lounging in the refrigerator for a week and then ending up in the compost. Ever since a biter kale chip … [Read more...]

[Supplements] – Magnesium – Reduction of Anxiety and Increase of Normalcy

Magnesium for Anxiety

Anxiety. What does your mind do when you see that word? Do you see it as just a word? Then perhaps today's article is not for you. If seeing the word anxiety causes your mind to jump, make you … [Read more...]

[Nutrition] – What the heck is Soy Lecithin, and Should I Avoid it?

As a beginner paleo follower I was the worst in the grocery store. I had scraps of paper or lists stored into my phone of things that I could and could not eat. I would read the label, consult the … [Read more...]

[Recipe] – Cuban Picadillo – Protein – Often


Wow, I was excited when I saw this recipe again. This was one of the first recipes that we created when I started living the paleo life. It was close enough to meals that we were eating with cooked … [Read more...]

[Nutrition] – Recipe – Turkey Jerky – Protein – often


After the post regarding emergency snacks on Monday I realized that you may find my USA based paleo compliant beef jerky snacks of little use to you, either because of shipping distance, or you prefer … [Read more...]

[30 Days] – Day 5 – My Journal


Today I wanted to share a peek into my journal and what sorts of things I have been collecting for this 30 days of discovery. Over the past four years I've tried many different things; lifting … [Read more...]